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My Experience with the Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool [Back Hook]

by admin April 29, 2017 0 comments

I just wanted to shoot a quick video to show you guys something that I just found two days ago. I can tell you it’s going to change my life in terms of how I feel after training and helping me just keep loose, keep mobile. And in turn actually keep strong, and help with regeneration, and whatnot. So, check this out.

This is called a Body Back Buddy. This, in my opinion, is the absolute best thing for relieving tension in the upper body. Particularly, in the upper back; the traps, the lats, the rotator cuff, the back of the neck, levator scapulae. Even into the pec, and into the shoulder, and whatnot.

I picked this up off of Amazon. Two days ago, I ordered it, with express shipping. It came to $60. It has a lifetime warranty, and it is amazing. I used it for the first time last night. I woke up this morning and felt amazing. I’ve been using it for the last half an hour in the gym after everyone left for our morning session. Just here and there, finding a couple spots, and I feel great. I’ve had, in the last year, three neck injuries. I’ve also dislocated some ribs.

My biggest problem is I can’t tension release properly; my traps and my upper back. I’ve got a Rumble Roller, which is a really great product. I’ve used some other great products, like Travel Roller, TriggerPoint Roller. The Lacrosse Ball works really good. I’ve got a stick roller as well. But in order to get the back of your neck, you need someone else. And someone else isn’t going to be able to feel where you’re tight as well as you’ll feel.

So with this, this solves that problem. Check it out. This is how you use it. If I want to get the traps, I’m just going to link one of those pointy trigger points … The cool thing about it is there’s a couple of different … like, this one right here is good for the back of the neck. It’s kind of spaced out, so you just get it right there, drag it all the way down the back of the neck. Great for the levator scap, upper traps. This one is really nice for kind of digging into the pect, right in there.

These are for the lower back, and then there’s another smoother knob up here. So just kind of like some single stuff. And then a smoother hook, and a smoother jabber, I’m going to call it. But anyway, just to show you real quick how it works. I’ll just link it into the traps, find a spot. I can pull down to get a little bit more pressure in there. Just lift my head up and down, massage it around, find that trigger point. I can move my body around to kind of loosen up the connective tissue, just back and forth. And yeah, just massage all around.

This product solves a very big problem that I have, and that I’m sure a lot of you have. Especially if you’re guys and you’re lifting a lot of kettle bells or barbells overhead. The last year of training for me was kettle bell sport training. Both lifts, the jerk and the snatch, are going over head. So the traps are definitely tight.

So I just wanted to let you guys know, if you have that same problem, I highly recommend picking this up; the Body Back Buddy. A low investment, considering what it costs to go and see a really great massage therapist, or someone who does ART. Someone who does Graston, Rossiter therapy, any of that good stuff, adaptive body work. There’s a lot of great things out there on the market. However, this is a great supplemental tool that will help you out in your spare time.

Check it out. I’ll post the link in the description of the video. Just my personal review on this product, I’m extremely happy with it. It’s got a lifetime warranty. It’s pretty durable. You probably can’t fit it in your gym bag, but just leave it around the office or leave it at the house. And when you’re sitting down watching TV, or reading, or whatever it is, just give yourself a quick little massage.

That’s my two cents on it. I hope you guys are having an awesome day. Train hard, train smart, focus on that mobility, and you will get stronger with time.

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