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Top 5 Florida IASTM & Gua Sha Practitioners

by admin May 30, 2017 0 comments
florida gua sha iastm

Every week, we will be giving you the best IASTM and Gua Sha practitioners for each state here in the United States. This week, we are focusing on Florida. There were a lot to choose from as Florida is a hot bed for people looking to feel better and try alternative forms of treatment for their well being. We’ve scoured online reviews and online directories to make sure we give you the best 5 in both categories that are all based physically in Florida. And the winners are, in no particular order….

Top 5 Gua Sha Practitioners in Florida:

Balance Orlando

Nu Image Spa

TCM Acupuncture

Beaches Acupuncture

Calhoun Chiropractic Center


Top 5 IASTM Practitioners in Florida:

Avalon Park Chiropractic

Fox Physical Therapy

Tampa Chiropractic

Surfside Chiropractic

Select Physical Therapy (North)



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