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Utilizing Gua Sha for Facial Contouring

by admin November 16, 2017 0 comments
facial contouring gua sha

Many people ask us if they can use our products for facial or jaw line contouring. Our answer is always “Yes!”. Many people try different things like baths, face exercises or expensive creams but when it comes down to it, nothing like that works.

Gua Sha has been around for a long time and women and yes even men have been using the tools associated with Gua Sha to contour facial features. Many practitioners state that rubbing the tools lightly along one’s face will remove lymph fluid that causes unattractive curves.

The procedure, when done yourself or by a pro, can actually be very relaxing as well! We have found that doing these massages are best for every 2-3 months due to your facial skin possibly going back to its original resting position after that time period. Of course, the results are completely different for every person.


We recommend using a Green Jade Gua Sha tool but you can use whatever you feel works best for you. Watch this quick video on some facial contouring best practices. Enjoy!

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